Sessa and Nammi are in the dog house #pohjanpystykorva #norrbottenspets #pohjis. Sessa and Nammi are in the dog house #pohjanpystykorva 


Norrbottenspets is a very brave as well as intelligent dog and is extremely loyal to its family. It is a dog with a good attitude because of its friendly nature and eagerness to please. They make an excellent guard dog because of its tendency to bark continuously to warn the owners.

Life is Better With Norrbottenspets Dog Owner Gift T-Shirt – This is a perfect gift for dog lovers that have a pet Norrbottenspets; This product says Life Is Better  Norrbottenspets. Add Comment almost extinct. It was rescued by Swedish breeders, but this active, strong-willed dog remains rare outside its homeland. Come check out our Norrbottenspets Dog Sticker. We offer the Norrbottenspets Dog Sticker in a variety of sizes and colors. Don't forget to checkout all our Dog  Spot & Tango can also be particularly effective if your Norrbottenspets has a sensitive stomach, is overweight, needs a high-protein diet, or is an elderly dog.

Norrbottenspets dog

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Sessa and Nammi are in the dog house #pohjanpystykorva  norrbottenspets. norrbottenspets lägenheter, jakt; Temperament: Intelligent, utbildningsbar, trogen, tillgiven; Jämförbara raser: Finska Spitz, Karelian Bear Dog  Norrbottenspets profil mot vit bakgrund. dogisolatedlookingmammalnordic spitzpetportraitpurebredwhitewhite backgroundyoung · hund · dog · jakthund  Norrbottenspets till salu. Norrbottenspets uppfödare sverige. Norrbottenspets köpa valp, köpa Norrbottenspets hundvalpar, Norrbottenspets hundraser,  Everything about the Norrbottenspets by List of Different Dog Breeds in the World, with pictures and facts on this dog. År 2009 registrerades 152 stycken hundar av rasen Norrbottenspets i Sverige.

Norrbottenspets. Sverige. Spitz. ♂, 45 cm (12 kg). ♀, 42 cm (8 kg). FCI #276. FCI, Standard. FCI, Nordic Hunting Dogs. UKC, Northern Breed. AKC, Foundation 

199,00 kr. I Love Welsh Corgi Poster. Ålder när hunden dog: . år .

Mar 13, 2014 The rare Norrbottenspets originated in the Norrbotten province of Sweden. The breed is likely descended from the ancient hunting dogs that 

Den är en skällande fågelhund som hör till de nordiska jaktspetsarna. Jämfört med finsk spets är  Sverige erkände rasen år 1967 och Finland 1973. Norrbottenspetsens temperament. Norrbottenspets är en vänlig och tillgiven hund. De är milda  Samförstånd mellan jägare och hund.

Norrbottenspets dog

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Jämfört med finsk spets är norrbottenspetsens päls ljusare, och rasen präglas av en annan mentalitet. Information And Facts of Norrbottenspets : Full name of this dog is Norrbottenspets. Other names include Nordic Spitz, Norbottenspitz and Pohjanpystykorva.

ACA = American Canine Association Inc. AKC = American Kennel Club; DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc. NAPR = North American Purebred Registry, Inc. A Today, it is still used as a gundog and makes a good guard dog, though most are now kept as companions. The breed’s popularity waned in the first half of the 20th century, when it became almost extinct.
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The Norrbottenspets, also known as the Norrbottenspitz, the Nordic Spitz and the Pohjanpystykorva, is a breed of spitz type dog from Sweden.A small to medium sized breed with typical spitz-like features, the Norrbottenspets has traditionally been kept as a hunting dog in Northern Sweden and is closely related to similar Nordic spitz breeds such as the Finnish Spitz.

Norrbottenspets is an agile and fearless small dog breed with well-developed muscles. They belong to the spitz family used for hunting in the Northern parts of Sweden What is a Norrbottenspets?

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Norrbottenspets anses generellt vara mycket frisk. Ögonsjukdomarna katarakt och PRA förekommer. Epilepsi, höftledsdysplasi (HD), armbågsdysplasi (ED), patella luxation (lösa knäleder) och avsaknad av tänder förekommer också men i mycket liten skala. Pälsvård. Pälsen är lättskött och badas vid behov. Användningsområde

He is a small but well-muscled dog, made for endurance as a result of his working heritage. His head has a fox-like muzzle, prick eyes, black nose, and a pair of brown, almond-shaped eyes. The Norrbottenspets is a Spitz type dog from Sweden bred to be both a hunting and farm dog, but more recently also kept as companion dog.

The smallest of all the Nordic primitive breeds, however, is the Norrbottenspets, the National Dog of Sweden. This small breed (18 inches at the shoulder, and 

This is a rare dog in North America. As of 2008, there were only 300 dogs living in Canada and the United States. The Norrbottenspets heritage points back thousands of years to some of the most northern parts of mainland Europe, the Cape May region.

The Norrbottenspets was once known as the Nordic Spitz but was renamed for the Norrbotten region of Sweden where they were discovered. They are … The Norrbottenspets breed is a light, medium sized dog, having a compact, well-muscled body structure.